At Name Placed, we harness the transformative power of a great brand to elevate good ideas to extraordinary heights.

We are a father-and-son duo, Aashir and Rishi Khiani, combining our entrepreneurial spirits and unique perspectives to revolutionise the domain industry. With Aashir's youthful energy and trend-savviness, and Rishi's wealth of experience as a serial entrepreneur and innovator, we bring a winning combination of new-age cool and business expertise.

How it all began...

The seeds of were sown when we discovered a collection of domains we had acquired for businesses that never materialised. Instead of letting them go to waste, we saw the potential to create something extraordinary. We envisioned a platform where curated premium domains, along with the ideas behind them, could be harnessed to empower entrepreneurs and ignite their business journeys. This led to our mission of commoditising ideas and brands, and thus, Name Placed was born.

Aashir Khiani

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Aashir Khiani, the driving force behind, brings a youthful and trend-savvy perspective to the team. Passionate about tech, film, martial arts, music, and entrepreneurship, Aashir has a natural ability to hyper-fixate on ideas for short bursts of time. This unique quality fuels his creativity, allowing him to conceptualise businesses that connect with people on a profound level. From his clothing line to his publication dedicated to growing film literacy, Aashir's work reflects his sublime understanding of contemporary culture and the ever-evolving needs of the next generation.

Rishi Khiani

Rishi is the founder and CEO of and a respected figure in the media and consumer tech space. With a track record of founding successful startups like Scootsy (acquired by Swiggy), UrbanEye Media (acquired by Network18 group) and Fork Media Group ( Curly Tales, Mashable, Xtra and IGN )

Rishi has played a pivotal role in shaping the Indian internet landscape. His leadership roles as the CEO of Times Internet Ltd and COO of Web18 have further established his expertise in driving growth and innovation. Rishi's entrepreneurial journey spans over two decades, making him a mentor and visionary in the world of startups.

Aashir and Rishi bring a perfect blend of youthful creativity and seasoned wisdom to Name Placed. Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs like you with premium domain names that capture the essence of your ideas, giving you a head start in building remarkable brands. With our curated selection of domains and a commitment to excellence, we invite you to embark on an exciting journey of entrepreneurial success with Name placed.

Together, let's build remarkable brands and create a legacy that resonates.

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